Carolyn Baum

Carolyn combines her love of nature with her love of glass bead making. She has explored the many avenues in the world of art glass. “The glass beads that I create are an extension of who I am.”

Her beads have won several national awards and were chosen to represent the International Society of Glass Beadmakers in their 10th anniversary traveling art exhibit and auction. She has had several articles published in Lapidary Journal, a magazine for jewelry designers.

Beads have been a big part of my life since I left teaching (taught middle school students art for 14 years) in 1984 when I began an antique jewelry business. The glass beads from Venice and Czechoslovakia became my passion; I sought them out everywhere I went to buy. Wisely I saved my favorites, sadly I could not save them all. When I had the chance to make my own beads, I jumped at the opportunity. In 1997 I went to Corning to study with Paul Stankard at the Studio of Glass. And you can see the results are incredible!

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